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The all new Unit Conversions Calculator, even easier to use.

  • One of most popular Conversions Calculators you can use.
  • FREE to use
  • This application will work with all versions of windows.

Download Unit Conversions Calculator

  • Installation:
  • Click on the above link and select open, then double click setup Application as opposite you will get a trust verification from Opay.

All my software is digital signed by Opay

Picture of Apps

Picture of Apps

Now with stay on top and auto copy

Picture of Apps An icon for Unit Conversions will be added to your programs start menu.

Minimum system requirements:

486 or higher

8 megs of ram (or more)

Windows 5/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7/8/10

3Mb free disk space

Easy to use
  1. First select units to convert from
  2. Select units to convert to
  3. Enter a value to convert

Uninstall: Select Add/Remove Programs from the Control Panel. Select Unit Conversions and click Add/Remove.

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  • Check the Always on top setting to keep the Unit conversions on top
  • Check the Auto Copy setting to always copy the result to the clipboard, save time with copy and paste.
  • Click the units button to change or add more units, I suggest that you make a copy of the Units.txt file in the program folder before you modify it.

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