Picture of PLC's

Over the years I have used most PLC's, I can work with your needs or at any point within your PLC life cycle.

I have a good working relationship with most PLC suppliers and can negotiate a good price for any new control development, see Case Study.

I have qualifications with Allen Bradley, and a good understanding with most other PLC's.

I can create a PLC program from scratch and take it to the finished product, or modify existing programs.

I Program in function block diagram (FBD), ladder diagram (LD), structured text (ST; similar to the Pascal programming language), instruction list (IL; similar to assembly language), and sequential function chart (SFC).

Input / Output selection Digital IO, Analog IO.

PID (Proportional Integral Derivative) Control Loops.

Communications RS-232, RS-422, RS-485), or Ethernet, Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition.

Example below useing LD water fill level control.

Picture Lader

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