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Number Converter Octal, Hex, BCD, Decimal, Binary, ASC, CHR


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Free to download and try.

Download Number Converter

  • Easy to use just click on to input box and enter a value, the other values will automatically convert.

  • Will convert Decimal to Hex, Decimal to Binary, Decimal to Octal, Decimal to BCD, Hex to Decimal, Hex to Binary, Hex to Octal, Hex to BCD, Binary to Decimal, Binary to Hex, Binary to Octal, Binary to BCD, Octal to Decimal, Octal to Hex and Octal to Binary, Octal to BCD, BCD to Decimal, BCD to Hex, BCD to Octal, BCD to Binary.

  • With full or  8 bit octal format.

picture of Number Converter picture of Number Converter

As the number converter is very wide i have broken it down in to two parts for you to view.

picture of Number Converter picture of Number Converter
  • Download and run. picture of Number Converter An icon for Number Converter will be added to your start menu or desktop.


Select Add/Remove Programs from the Control Panel.

Select Num Converter and click Add/Remove.

Minimum system requirements:

486 or higher

8 megs of ram (or more)

Windows 95/98/ME/2000/NT/XP/VISTA/7/8/10

Disk space Full version 1.6 meg or 28 Kb Quick download version.

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