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I think this was one of the best logic games of the seventies This game took me two days to put together; I hope you enjoy it as much as I did writing it.

Download Master Mind

Just download unzip and put it on your desktop.

How to play mastermind, first select click the start button, you will get four random colours, click on the pin colour you want to use then click a hole to put it in when you happy with choice, press the check button where you will receive the result, the idea of the game is to find the same colours the computer is hiding at the top of the game, to help you the computer will give one black marker for every colour in the right place and a pink marker for every colour right but in the wrong place.

There are eight colours and 4 holes, which makes a 4096 possible combinations 

The game is free to use and distribute.

When you have guessed the right colours, they will be shown at the top of the game.

Happy playing...

Picture of Mastermind Game

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