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Ballast water system I developed for Cathelco; saved them money and made the system future proof.

When I started at Cathelco they had a very unfixable system using the Mitsubishi Q series.

They had an automation panel for each size of system varying in price of 16K to 21K and the parts were getting hard to find.

So I developed the Evolution BWT system it had 1 Automation panel to do all 6 systems sizes, I reduced the cost using a Schneider Modicon PLC with power backup for up to 2 hours, 5 year data logging, at a cost of less then 4.5k making an over all saving of 11.5 k per system.

The system has been IMO and US coast guard approved.

Easy, intuitive system controls

The MK II control system the Evolution. With easy to read schematics showing sea water routing, read outs showing the transition state of valves as well as instant information from sensors, engineers can easily see how the system is performing.

Evolution Picture

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